How To Register For No Questions Asked

You love your edlee sunglasses and you take good care of them, but regardless of how or why it happened, something DID happen!

Your sunglasses become a fixture to your daily routine and that is why we created the #NoQuestionsAsked policy.

You can see the full FAQ here.

One Free Replacement Pair Of Sunglasses For Every Registered Purchase.

Since this is a very new offer from any sunglass company. There have been a lot of questions and to help answer some of them, here is how you register your edlee sunglasses. 

For Anyone Who Purchased Their edlee Sunglass at after 8.14.16:

You are automatically signed up for the #NoQuestionsAsked program.


For Those Who Purchased Online Between 7.16.16 and 8.13.16

1. Go to 

How to register. One Free Replacement Pair Of Sunglasses For Every Registered Purchase.


2. Click on the "Person" Icon

To register for edlee click on the person icon.



3. A form will appear to create a login with your Facebook account or by using your email

(let us know if you'd like for us to add other social login options)


4. After you have created your account, please let us know by going to the "Contact Us" page and sending us a note with your Order # from the purchase.

If you are unable to find your order number we will look up your order by email.

Contact Us To Ask Questions About Replacement Sunglasses


If You Purchased Your edlee Sunglasses At A Store or Event Between 7.16.16 and 8.13.16


1. On any page of, there is a smiley face button in the bottom right of your screen to tap/click on.

Live chat, Instant Message with us.


2. A window will open. Send us a message and use the "paperclip" icon to send us a photo of your receipt to register your sunglasses for #NoQuestionsAsked.

Real time customer service and text messaging.


Let us know if you have any more questions or if we can help in any other way.
Thank You!



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