Thank YOU To Our Kickstarter Backers!


At the end of last year we were in a position where we believed that we had a great product and knew we wanted to celebrate the beach culture lifestyle.

We had to find a way to share both with as many people as possible.

In our early prototypes of the signature lightweight, stylish, and sustainable frames, responses to edlee had been amazing. People seemed to identify with our love of sharing the beach culture and lifestyle through the products we worked so hard in developing.

With our goals in mind we decided to launch a Kickstater campaign to help us show the world. Being familiar with Kickstarter we thought it would be the perfect platform to share both our message and our product… and boy, were we right!

The Kickstarter Community produced a phenomenal response. We exceed our initial goal and within five weeks we had raised just under $50,000.

We are so incredibly grateful to the Kickstarter Community for rallying around us!

Once our campaign ended the hard work really began. Because of the amazing response we were working to put together an order ten times larger than all of our previous orders combined.

We loved the challenge, but our rapid growth caused delays in manufacturing.

Over the following three months we threw ourselves headfirst into delivering you the product, responding to requests, survey logistics, organizing, packaging, shipping and tracking your rewards.

Fortunately for us we have the most incredible backers who were supportive and patient with us during this process.

Our final shipments have been sent out!

To each and every one of you who made this possible, we want to say thank you.

It is because of you and our family and friends that edlee was able to go from an idea, to an operation out of our backpacks, to a Kickstarter, and now to a business that is continuing to grow.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all for your help, support, and encouragement, it is because of you that edlee is a reality 😎