Is This Really No Questions Asked?

Yes. As long as each pair of edlees that are purchased is registered with us, we will always honor a replacement pair, no reason or any reason will be allowed.

What If I Just Want Another Pair For Myself?

It is your decision when to use the #NOQUESTIONASKED offer - even if it is for yourself.

How Do I Register?

If you purchase online through, then all you have to do is Create A Account.

If you purchase through another website or at a store, you will need to save your receipt and digitally send it to us to verify the purchase and you will also need to Create A Account.

What Happens If I Lose My Replacement edlees?

Unfortunately it is only “One” #NOQUESTIONSASKED replacement pair per registered purchase.

Can I get another pair of edlees as my replacement?

Only if we are out of stock or stop offering the pair you originally purchased. If out of stock and you choose a pair of lesser value than your original purchase, you cannot receive credit. If you choose a pair higher in retail cost than your original pair, you will have to pay the difference. Taxes and fee's may apply.

I Just Lost A Pair The Day After I Received It. Can I Get My #NOQUESTIONSASKED Now?

Unfortunately not quite yet. 30 days after you register your purchase, you can request your replacement pair.

Is The #NOQUESTIONSASKED Policy Allowed To Be Combined With Other Promo Offers?

Only where explicitly stated with other promo offers.

Does the Lifetime Guarantee Still Apply?

Yes. For the sunglasses you purchased it does. If you choose to use your #NOQUESTIONSASKED redemption, the replacement pair has the Lifetime Guarantee. But if you used the redemption to just get another pair, then only the replacements are applicable for the Lifetime Guarantee.

I Just Bought A Pair Before The Launch Of The New Site, Do I Qualify?

This offer is available as of 8.14.16. However, we will honor any purchase made in the last 30 days. But, you will need to register the purchase before you can qualify.

How Do I Register?

If you purchased through our site after 8.14.16, then you are already registered.

If you purchase from 7.16.16 thru 8.13.16 you can register by emailing us at with your order # if you purchased online or a picture of your receipt if you purchased at a store.


Free standard shipping with each redemption for replacement.
Expedited shipping and handling is available for applicable charges.

Is There More Fine Print?

Not really fine print, but more details yes, read on...
Not transferable
Not for cash-in value
Not for resale